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What is IKECA and How Can I Get it?

IKECA LogoIKECA represents international trade associations that represent kitchen exhaust cleaning specialists and inspectors commercial kitchen exhaust systems.

IKECA’s Mission and Histories

The International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association, (IKECA), was founded in 1989 by a small team of exhaust kitchen cleaners who met at the same time. They found they had common beliefs and requirements regarding proper and thorough exhaust cleaning. Within two years, the first trade association was established for kitchen exhaust cleaning.

IKECA joined ANSI in 2009 to become a standards development organization. IKECA was able help create standards for cleaning, inspecting, maintaining and maintaining commercial kitchen exhaust pipes. ANSI now accepts these standards. Some have also been referenced and cited by other ANSI groups (National Fire Protection Association & International Code Council) along with jurisdictions all across the US.

This is just the beginning. IKECA now has over 2,000 members worldwide. This allows IKECA to bring its core beliefs, ethical standards and to all corners of the planet. IKECA also leads the industry in certifications and continuing education.

Explanation on Certification

The kitchen exhaust business is expanding rapidly, and technology is continually changing. IKECA has created certification programs for individuals in order to keep abreast of technology and codes that are changing.Hood Cleaning Detroit

Here are two available certifications:

CECS: Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialist

The Certified Exhaust Cleaning Specialists, (CECS), are highly qualified and skilled individuals who manage their crew. Every IKECA active member must have at most one CECS-certified employee.

CECT Certified Exhaust Cleaning Technician

Certified Exhaust Technician (CECT), the beginning of your crew member’s career in kitchen exhaust cleaning, is designed for crew members that work under the guidance of a Certified Exhaust Specialists (CECS).

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