Casa Roma Kitchen Nightmare F5

Casa Roma Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon visits Casa Roma Lancaster California, the oldest restaurant on the block. What happened with the restaurant? Gordon was able o save the restaurant on his own. We have experienced our own kitchen woes as we manage a commercial kitchen fan cleaning company. As hood cleaners, we are fascinated to see these stories.Casa Roma Kitchen Nightmare 16

Casa Roma Kitchen Nightmares Recap

They bought the failing restaurant in hopes of making it profitable and turning it around. Their lackluster experience cost them dearly as their bar is full, while their dine in restaurant is empty.

Gordon arrives at the bar to meet the owners. It has no windows, and Gordon finds a busy bar with a completely empty restaurant. Gordon sits down to peruse the menu and orders food.

It takes time to get the food delivered. Gordon notices that some blinds are dirty while he waits. Eric defends Gordon’s criticism of his food. He attributes the poor quality food to having a bad day.

Eric disregards Drew the sous-chef during the dinner service and their inability to work together leads to long waiting times. Gordon becomes annoyed at the way that food was being sent back from the kitchen because it was undercooked and closes the restaurant.

Gordon checks the walk-in again the next day. He finds moldy food as well as unidentifiable meat defrosting and 3-month-old pork ribs. He goes to the bathroom with a blue-UV light and discovers that the toilets are in a very disgusting state. They have bodily fluids on their ceilings, walls, floors, and floor.

Drew is given a challenge by Gordon: cook a fresh pie while Gordon makes a frozen. Drew makes Nylah delicious fresh pizza.

Casa Roma Kitchen Nightmare 14The restaurant gets a makeover from the inside out. Nyla, along with the staff, were thrilled and pleased to see Casa Roma the new beautiful pizzeria.

Gordon organizes and hosts a pizza eating contest to commemorate Casa Roma’s fifth year.

On the relaunch night customers begin arriving at the restaurant. Drew’s son Jimmy helps Nylah in the kitchen. Gordon is frustrated that one table returned food two times, because it was too undercooked. Calzone’s baked goods are so large that Jimmy has to return them twice. Gordon demands that Calzone reduce his baking efforts. Drew is under tremendous pressure and the chaos in the kitchen results. Drew takes a short break to recover and then, in a stunning turnaround, takes control of his kitchen. Now, orders are going out faster. Customers love the food. Gordon tells them that Gordon is happy with the turnaround. Now they have to keep up the good works.

Drew finally steps in. The food leaves the kitchen quickly and customers are impressed.

Revisiting Casa Roma

Gordon, one year later, visits Casa Roma in Lancaster. Chef Drew is not present anymore. Gordon is surprised by Q (Chef of Sebastian’s, a restaurant Gordon has relaunched). Gordon talks to Q about Sebastian’s. Q then tells Gordon how the owner vanished one afternoon. Gordon makes sure the freezer is in good condition and that the kitchen & place are clean.

Casa Roma was renamed CR Roadhouse at the end of 2015. This happened after a nearby restaurant Nico’s had closed. They also changed menus again.

Casa Roma will shut down its doors on July 1st. It will be a very sad month. But the truth is that it has been this way all along.

The Comment Section

Here are some highlights from social media regarding Casa Roma, the show, and other comments.

“Because the majority of bars in residential areas do not make a profit, especially if they are serving inedible food. I have a sneaking suspicion it wasn’t urine from the ceiling that was exposed to the black light. The whole thing is even more disgusting. Maybe that’s the place where lazy Chef Eric prepared his “special dish.”

“Dirty dining room kitchen restroom is just an indication that the owner doesn’t care anymore in G words… WAKE UPS”

“We had a couple visits to Gordon’s place shortly after he did his magic. It was wonderful. Haven’t been there in several years, so don’t have any idea what it’s really like.

“Often I feel that they just Ramsay spend on makeover the restaurants+advertisings. You can see which people respect him. Their restaurants remain open while others are closed !!!!!”Casa Roma Kitchen Nightmare 13

“The history behind this place was so bizarre. For no reason, changed the menu back the original episode. Nylah never said she liked the original recipe. After the episode was rebroadcast, Nylah basically recreated Ramsay’s menu changes and professional changes. They tried to rebrand it as a new place, but that didn’t work out. They could have saved so very much time, money, effort and time by keeping the same. Q is the only person I really feel sorry for. Q went from one nightmare in Sebastian’s life to another.

“They make less than 100 dollar per night and their rapid fire with chefs had left it difficult for them to find a good chef.” They have fired or hired more than 20 chefs over a two year period.

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