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You might need a hood cleaning in response to a fire marshall’s request. Or you might have a request from your insurance company to prove that you’re getting your restaurant hood cleaning regularly. Or you might simply find that it’s time to replace a hood cleaning company that’s not meeting your needs. In any case – we’d like to earn your business and make sure that your business is being taken care of.

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A Letter from Detroit, Michigan’s Greatest Restaurant Hood Cleaning and Maintenance Company….

Dear Detroit Restaurant Owner,

Hey, we are the Detroit, Michigan Hood Cleaning Pros.

Over the past several years, we have done thousands of commercial kitchen hoods cleanings in the greater Detroit area and surrounding cities. 

As a restaurant owner, manager, property manager or in the commercial food industry, you understand the importance of having the exhaust hood cleaned on a regular basis.

Growing up we never said to ourselves “Hey, when I grow up, I want to get the grease out the exhaust systems of commercial kitchens”.  However, this has become our passion and we take great pride in the work we do.

For years we trained to become the best restaurant hood cleaning business in Detroit.  And we are very proud of it.

But you may not care.  So, the rest of this letter is about you.

You have a commercial kitchen that needs to have the exhaust system cleaned. 

Many times, we are called by the commercial kitchen manager in a panic because they were just inspected, and they did not pass.  The Fire Marshall has given them one week to get their hoods cleaned or they will be shut down.  Or, you are the one that has been cleaning the hood and you now want a professional to handle it.

Now, you are looking for a restaurant hood cleaning company that is reliable and shows up on time.

You just want the restaurant hood exhaust system and restaurant hood cleaned!

Are you picking up what we are laying down?

If so, and you are looking for the best hood cleaning company in Detroit, Michigan, you found the right business to call at 313-425-7633.

We are thankful you visited our website.  Please, feel free to learn more about what we do.  Fill out our interest form if you have any questions.

All the best,
Detroit Hood Cleaning Pros

Restaurant Hood Cleaning Detroit MI

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we believe in quality of hardwork.

We are a Restaurant Hood Cleaning Service You will use every time

We are not going anywhere.  Nothing is more frustrating than finding a maintenance company you love and trust then they go away without notice.  At Detroit Hood Cleaning Pros, we are committed to keeping our doors open so we can keep giving you excellent service. Visit our About page to learn more about our company and services.

Keep in mind out technicians trained for years to become the professional hood cleaners they are today.  We will clean your kitchen exhaust system like it is our own and maintain it appropriately.

Having a professional clean your hoods is now being required by Fire Marshalls and insurance companies.  At Detroit Hood Cleaning Pros, we have the right equipment to remove the grease and grime build-up not only in the exhaust system but the turbine on the roof as well.  There have been many grease fires start on roofs because the grease was not cleaned out properly.

We get calls all of the time from frustrated restaurant owners who get stood up by their current hood cleaning company or they are late all of the time.  We strive to be on time, get in, get the job done and get out.  We will give you before and after pictures so you can show your insurance company as well as a report on any fixes that need to be done.

Bottom line is we want to be the only restaurant hood cleaning company you consider when you need a cleaning or repair that we can do.  We also want you to be confident when you recommend us to one of your fellow restaurant owners or managers.

Here are some frequently asked question of Detroit Hood Cleaning Pros:

What services to you provide?

We can do more than just clean your hoods.  Our professional pressure washer is designed to clean the kitchen and restaurant floors as well as your loading dock, sidewalks and in and around your garbage bin.  Take a look at our additional services page.

What is the importance of having our exhaust system cleaned?

Well, there is an extreme fire hazard if the grease is not removed on a regular basis.  Grease has a way of building up in the exhaust system, filters and clear up to the roof in the turbine.  Grease can be highly flammable when it builds up and the last thing you would want is a spark to ignite the grease and burn down your restaurant. 

What area do you service?

Detroit Hood Cleaning Pros not only serves the city of Detroit, Michigan, we also cover the surrounding cities and suburbs

Can you clean hoods in any restaurant?

The quick answer to that is yes.  Our trained professionals have been cleaning hoods not only in restaurants but schools, nursing homes, hospitals, churches, homeowner association club house and more.  As long as the hood is commercial grade, we can clean it.  We do not clean residential hoods.

Is having my hood professional cleaned expensive?

There are three things we factor in when giving a quote for hood cleaning:

  • What is the size of the hood?
  • When was the hood last cleaned professionally?
  • What type of fuel do you use when cooking?

Costs vary so it is best to have one of our team members come onsite to see what needs to be done to give you a more accurate quote.  Rest assured, it should not dent your budget too much.  If you get on a regular cleaning basis, the cost can be lower because your exhaust system will not need as much work as it did the first time we cleaned.

How often should I have my hood cleaned?

That depends on the type of fuel you use to cook.  Most restaurants may only need to have their hood cleaned every three months.  Restaurants that do a lot of frying, such as fast food restaurants, may need to have the hood cleaned on a monthly or every two-month basis.

What is the next step?

Call us to set a time to take a look at your hood for a free estimate or visit our Contact Us page.  Our number is 313-425-7633 or you can fill out the interest form and someone will get back to you within twenty-four hours (usually faster).

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