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Your Guide on Hood Cleaning Prices: Commercial, Restaurant, Kitchen, & More

Detroit Hood Cleaning PhotoCleaning your commercial or restaurant hoods is an option. Prices for exhaust fan cleaning vary depending on the type of exhaust fan you have, its condition, and size. Detroit Hood Cleaning Pros will provide you with thorough and economical services no matter what type of kitchen hood you have.

Hood Cleaning Price Factors

Pricing can vary depending on many factors. A professional cleaning service can examine your hood system and give you a detailed price quote.

Multiple Locations

Imagine you have a restaurant chain and are working with the same kitchen hood cleaning company at multiple locations. As you’re already familiar with the company, you may be eligible for loyalty discounts.

Hood System Dimensions and Configuration

Price increases can be expected if you have multiple exhaust system and hoods. A larger hood can increase the price. In other words, if your kitchen is on two floors, longer ducts can increase the cost of cleaning.

Hood System Condition

You can expect an increase of your costs if your kitchen hood is not maintained regularly.Hood Cleaning Michigan

Restaurant & Commercial Hood Cleaning Prices

Restaurant prices start at $595 and commercial prices begin at $595. This includes pressure-washing grease, cleaning ductwork, and shining your car hood. Prices will vary for parts or repairs, as each project is unique.

You should be wary of hood cleanings that are significantly too expensive. Slicing corners on fire safety can cause serious harm and result in higher costs.

Important Elements of Hood Cleaning Prices

It is true what they say, “if it appears too good to a be true, it most likely is.” Unusually low prices may indicate that a company has no liability coverage or uses subpar cleaning products.

Hood Cleaning DetroitAlthough you don’t have to use the most expensive service available to guarantee a clean hood, it’s important to do your homework and find a trustworthy company. All companies worth hiring should offer a free estimate. This will allow you to plan your budget and get a better understanding of the costs.

Hood Cleaning with a Reputable Company

Detroit Hood Cleaning Pros is available to provide you with a free quote on professional hood cleaning. For years we have provided high-quality hood cleaning services in Detroit and the surrounding areas.

Contact us at 313-425-7633 to talk with one of our highly-skilled technicians about your options.

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