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Commercial Hood Repair Is Essential

Hood Cleaning DetroitYour restaurant kitchen relies on a functional hood to keep fires out. So you and your team need to be able to repair commercial hood problems quickly.

Detroit Hood Cleaning Pros have been cleaning, maintaining, repairing and maintaining commercial kitchen exhaust systems and hoods for years. We serve the greater Detroit area.

We provide service to all types of restaurants including restaurant hood fan repair and servicing.

If you have a commercial hood problem, you can call the Detroit Hood Cleaning Pros team at 313-425-7633.

Signs your Commercial Kitchen Exhaust fan Needs Repair and Maintenance

The purpose and function of kitchen hood fans in the kitchen is to remove heat steam and odors and then cycle clean and fresh air back into their cooking areas. They will let you know if the exhaust system or kitchen fan needs to be repaired. Here are some indicators:

  • Smokey or lingering haze in the kitchen or dining room?
  • Feel like your indoor temperature is constantly changing, and you feel like you’re being heated or cooled inconstantly
  • Outside odors that can be detected inside your kitchen
  • A sudden increase in dirt and/or dust in your kitchen
  • It is difficult opening the door.

Types of Commercial Hoods

You’ll need to distinguish between Type I & Type II commercial kitchen hoods before you request maintenance or repair.

All commercial kitchen exhaust systems are made up of the same components: a vent hood, filters and ductwork. Type I Hoods however have a makeup air supply that can be used to treat a wider array of airborne items.

  • Type I Hoods remove moisture and heat as well as odors, smoke, oils, and grease vapors.
  • Type II Hoods do not remove water, odors, heat, or smoke, but only oil, grease, and oil vapors.

Preventative Maintenance Schedule for Restaurant Hood Vent Repair

The safety of your commercial kitchen is paramount. It is important to maintain your commercial hoods by having them serviced and checked periodically by an exhaust cleaner certified in the field.

Detroit Hood Cleaning Pros will provide professional maintenance services to keep your kitchen fan in tip-top shape.

Commercial Hood Cleaning’s Benefits

Regular preventive maintenance will help to avoid future emergency hood vent repairs. These situations can disrupt your operations and damage your reputation.

Commercial hood cleaning is a great way to bring your company many advantages, including the possibility of a blaze. Your commercial kitchen will be safer and more comfortable if you have it cleaned, maintained, and repaired. This can help improve your employees’ performance. It is important to keep your hood clean and in good repair.

  • Increase ventilation
  • Your restaurant’s climate control can be maintained, including humidity control.
  • You can prevent wood furniture and walls from being damaged by heat and humidity.
  • Prevent the spread of grease
  • Keep your insurance premiums lower
  • Keep potential commercial kitchen exhaust system repair issues from happening
  • To avoid fire-related penalties, keep your facility in compliance

Hood Cleaning in DetroitCommercial Kitchen Hood Repair Experts

Detroit Hood Cleaning Pros has years of experience with commercial exhaust hood repair, commercial-hood light repair, or commercial hood motor replacement. Our knowledge will be of great benefit to you if you contact us in Detroit or other surrounding areas.

Detroit Hood Cleaning Pros are available to assist you by calling 313-425-7633.

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