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Did you know that over 80% of commercial kitchens have roof deterioration because of the hood system discharge?

greasy roof needs rooftop grease containment
This is a fire hazzard and will ruin the integrity of the roof very quickly. Cleanup can be costly. But nothing compared to fixing the roof.
rooftop grease containment system

Did you know that over 80% of commercial kitchens have roof deterioration because of the hood system discharge? 

Many commercial kitchen managers and owners do not think about the exhaust system discharging grease onto the roof.  They just think that their current hood vent cleaning company goes up on the roof and cleans it off as well as the grease that has accumulated in the turbine. 

Grease buildup on the roof can not only cause a fire hazard, it will eventually deteriorate the roof to the point it could cave in.  The other problem a restaurant owner may not realize is that it can cause a hazardous waste problem.

Rain and snow can cause the grease to seep down the side of the building and wash into the drain storm.  Should this occur, the restaurant is liable for an environmental pollution that could cost the restaurant a lot of money in fines and clean up fees.

The uses of rooftop grease containment

Commercial kitchen exhaust systems are designed to filter out airborne particles such as grease, dander and dust.  It sucks air through a filter then up and out of the turbine on the roof.  If a rooftop grease containment system is not installed, the excess grease could collect onto the roof.  This not only causes the potential for a fire but damage to the roof.

A rooftop grease containment system should have hydrophobic pads.  These pads are designed to hold grease while they shed water.  If the pads are not installed, the rainwater and grease will build up and spill onto the roof.

At Detroit Hood Cleaning Pros, we not only offer rooftop cleaning services we can also install rooftop grease containment.  Our technicians are trained to install these systems as well as inspect and repair existing systems.  We are an authorized dealer of rooftop containment systems that are inexpensive ways to protect your roof.

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We will always treat your commercial kitchen with the utmost respect.  We love our job and want to be sure you will always keep us in mind when it is time to have your next hood cleaning. 

Our team of highly trained professionals specialize in not only hood cleaning but kitchen maintenance as well.  Our process is up to date with the latest National Fire Protection Association Code 96 standards. 

We will take before and after pictures so you can show your insurance company you had a professional hood cleaning done.  They are also use full when you have an unexpected visit from the Fire Marshall or health inspector.  We also place a dated sticker on your hood as further evidence we clean your commercial kitchen exhaust system. Visit our About Us page to learn more about our company and services.

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Something you usually don’t get to see…

This is the what the bottom of the turbine on your roof looks like.  This much grease is typical for a hood that is not being cleaned frequently.

And then there’s this…

This is what the top of the hood duct looks like before & after cleaning.  Our goal is to get every bit of grease off the metal.  

We’ll take before & after pictures for you too.  Let’s clean this up!

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