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We are finding more and more insurance companies, health regulators and fire marshals are requiring commercial kitchens, like restaurants, get their hood cleaned professionally.  They are recommending the hood cleaning is done on a regular basis.  Depending on the type of fuel used when cooking and how often the kitchen is used, a hood cleaning could be done once year or once a month. If you want to learn more about our company just visit our About Us page.


How often should a professional hood cleaning be done?


The National Fire Protection Association Code 96 gives the following recommendation for hood cleaning:

  • If a commercial kitchen uses solid fuel when cooking, it is recommended they have a professional hood cleaning done once a month.  Solid fuels include, peat, Hexamine fuel tablets, wood, wood pellets, charcoal, rye, wheat and other grains.

  • For those commercial kitchens that do a lot of cooking like those that are open twenty-four hours, wok cooking or charbroiling it is recommended they have a professional hood cleaning done quarterly.

  • If a commercial kitchen is cooking moderately, they recommend a professional hood cleaning for restaurants be done every six months.

  • For those commercial kitchens that are used infrequently, they recommend a professional hood cleaning be done annually.  These usually include seasonal businesses, day camps, churches and senior citizen center.

What does a commercial kitchen hood cleaning include?


For starters, we will always take your time and needs into consideration when scheduling a hood cleaning.  We have technicians that are trained to the NFPA Code 96 standard as well as state and local requirements.  Our equipment is up to date in order to do the best job possible.


Upon arrival, our team of professionals will inspect the commercial kitchen exhaust system form cook-top to roof-top.  We will document any fixes that need to be done and go over them with you, so you understand the importance of getting the fixes done as soon as possible. 


The vent on the roof needs to be hinged according to Detroit regulations and we can verify they have been installed correctly and are in good working condition.  When we begin our hood vent cleaning, we cover the cook top to prevent water from damaging it.  We will then pull the filters and take them out back for cleaning.  We apply an environmentally safe degreaser to the filters and the hood to set a few minutes.


Once the degreaser has been set for a period of time, we will then use our professional grade pressure washer and hot water to remove the grease.  That is caught in a large container then disposed of properly. 


We will go onto the roof to clean the turbine much the same way.  Then we will polish the hood to give it that “like new” appearance.  Once we are done, we will place a sticker on the hood indicating the date the hood was cleaned the when the next cleaning should be done. 


For the purpose of the insurance company, if they do not have someone who will inspect it personally, they will accept before and after photos as evidence you had a professional hood cleaning done. 


Keep in mind if you do not have a professional hood cleaning done, grease and airborne particles will build up and could cause a fire hazard.  Grease can accumulate on the roof of your restaurant which is not only a fire hazard it can harm your roof and risk having it cave in.


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Something you usually don’t get to see…

This is the what the bottom of the turbine on your roof looks like.  This much grease is typical for a hood that is not being cleaned frequently.

And then there’s this…

This is what the top of the hood duct looks like before & after cleaning.  Our goal is to get every bit of grease off the metal.  

We’ll take before & after pictures for you too.  Let’s clean this up!

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