You have finally found the exhaust hood cleaning company that respects your time and money.

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You have finally found the exhaust hood cleaning company that respects your time and money.

Are you looking for a new company to do your exhaust hood cleaning in your commercial kitchen?   Look no further.  Detroit Hood Cleaning Pros have professionally trained technicians that get the job done right the first time. Visit our ABOUT US page to know more about our company and services.

Inspections are on the increase and many of those who are doing the inspection are requesting commercial kitchens call a professional to do the exhaust hood cleaning.  Using a professional assures you will get the cleaned to their standards as well as decreasing the possibility of grease fires.

We live in the community as well and will only eat in restaurants that use a professional hood cleaner.  We know where all of the nooks and crannies are in the exhaust hood system and we will make sure they are cleaned out as well. 

Exhaust hood cleaning not only saves you time, it saves you money as well.

Many commercial kitchen owners and managers who have been in the industry understand the importance of having the hood professionally cleaned.  They know that grease build-up can damage not only the interior of the exhaust system, it can also become a fire hazard. 

We have been on roofs of restaurants that have used “professionals” previously and been amazed at the amount of grease that is oozing from the turbine.  It is important to have a company who does hood cleaning go up on the roof and clean out the turbine as well.  Grease can damage the roof and run off down the side of the building damaging the exterior of the restaurant.

What is included in an exhaust hood cleaning?

The commercial kitchen exhaust system is designed to filter out airborne contaminates such as grease, dander from skin and hair and dust.  If it is not cleaned out properly, the grease will build up and can create a fire hazard.  The idea of hood cleaning is to prevent this from happening.

A grease fire is especially nasty as it is hard to put out.  Below is some of the things we do when doing exhaust hood cleaning:

  • We will inspect the whole system to be sure there are no broken parts
  • We will make of record of items that need attention as well as take before and after photos
  • We will carefully take apart the exhaust system to clean in those hard to reach places
  • We will then use a pressure washer in combination with an environmentally friendly FDS approved degreaser to remove the grease
  • Make the right recommendations on any potential risk factors that we see in the exhaust system

Inspectors today, such as the Board of Health or the Fire Marshal are not your enemy.  Their job is to be sure every commercial kitchen is in compliance and is a safe workplace for employees.  Having your hood professionally cleaned before they come in works in your favor as there is a sticker on the hood indicating the date the hood was cleaned and when the next cleaning should take place. 

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Something you usually don’t get to see…

This is the what the bottom of the turbine on your roof looks like.  This much grease is typical for a hood that is not being cleaned frequently.

And then there’s this…

This is what the top of the hood duct looks like before & after cleaning.  Our goal is to get every bit of grease off the metal.  

We’ll take before & after pictures for you too.  Let’s clean this up!

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