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exhaust hood turbine fan hinge installation

Installation of exhaust fan hinges is important

In the state of Michigan, the National Fire Protection Association Code 96 states exhaust fans need to be hinged.  Professional installation of hinges in important because it can save your butt and your restaurants butt.

If an exhaust fan is not hinged, it can case many hazards like damaging the fan during a maintenance or cleaning.  If the fan is damaged it can be a fire hazard because it does not perform appropriately when filtering out pollutants.  It can also cause the fan to become off balance which creates a loud noise.

It is important you know what your exhaust fan should sound like when it is in good running condition.  If you hear a rattle that could mean a hinge is broken.  If the hinge is broken and there is a rattle there is the possibility of fire or at the very least costly electrical damage.  It must be repaired as soon as possible.

Because most exhaust fans are made of malleable material, if there are no hinges on it, it could be damaged when removed and set down for cleaning.   When hinges are properly installed, we can then simply tip back the cover for cleanings and maintenance.  There have been times hinges are not installed and it takes two people to remove the hood.

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Something you usually don’t get to see…

This is the what the bottom of the turbine on your roof looks like.  This much grease is typical for a hood that is not being cleaned frequently.

And then there’s this…

This is what the top of the hood duct looks like before & after cleaning.  Our goal is to get every bit of grease off the metal.  

We’ll take before & after pictures for you too.  Let’s clean this up!

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